Momentum is "inertia in motion". Mass times velocity. p=mv (why did they choose p for momentum?)

In order to change the momentum of a moving object, you must change your mass or velocity.

Changing your mass requires duct taping things to yourself or removing limbs, but

Changing velocity means changing the direction or speed of and object.

That requires FORCE.

Pushing is not enough though. You also have to define "how long" you will push for. A sharp jolt in some direction might be enough to change the momentum of an object with low mass, but try throwing a rock at an oncoming 18-wheeler, and you will find that it takes a whole lot more force over a whole lot more time than you are able to exert.

We call the push for a certain time, IMPULSE. Impulse=Fxt and it creates a change in momentum Ft=Delta(mv).

We attach a rocket to a car and get rocket cars!

Impulse and momentum ppt.

Conservation of momentum: